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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

   In the name of the International Skating Union, it is indeed a honor and a pleasure for me to welcome you all here in Moscow for the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships, that were relocated after the natural tragedy that hit Japan and Tokyo in March, one week before the start of the planned World Championships, made the Japan Skating Federation unable to host the Event.
  A big and grateful thank goes to the Russian entities and to The Figure Skating Federation of Russia, that made this major ISU Event possible after only one month from the previous schedule, but our biggest concern and prayers are with the Japanese population, with the hope that life for them might go back to normality in a short time.
  So we are back, once again, in this impressive capital city, Moscow. Congratulations and again thanks to The Figure Skating Federation of Russia; in this particular case, more than ever, best compliments go to the Organizing Committee, the Officials and all the volunteers who are tirelessly working for the success of the Event.
  I wish to deliver to the participating athletes a message of good luck and to you all I wish an enjoyable time with the beautiful and exciting performances of the world’s best Figure Skaters, united here at the Megasport Arena in contest for the most prestigious ISU Championships titles to be awarded for this sport discipline.

Ottavio Cinquanta
President of the International Skating Union

Dear friends!

  It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to Moscow. You are, undoubtedly, aware that we had to prepare for your arrival on a very short notice, sprint-style, so to say. The way I see it today, I think we made it.
  However, should you notice some minor oversights, please, do not be too harsh on us. We were really pressed for time and we have used it first of all to create necessary conditions for demonstration of sports mastery.
  We hope that you would like our modern “Megasport” palace; its ice is waiting for you. What is even more important: our fans are also looking forward to seeing you. You will see proofs of their fairness and amiability yourself. I would like this World Championships to become a real festival for all guests of Moscow. We wish all figure skaters success at the championships. Yes, only few will step on the podium, but we wish every one of you to improve your personal best and deliver performances worthy of adoration.
  To some extent the World Championships in Moscow will be a dress rehearsal for the Olympic Games in Sochi, and both you and, naturally, us will benefit from it. I am convinced that there are many future participants, medalists and champions of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi among those who will compete at the “Megasports” sports palace. I am glad that many Sochi Olympians would have their chance to get acquainted with Russia in Moscow today. I believe that there are such skaters in team Russia, too.
  Good luck to each and every one of you!

Alexander Zhukov
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Figure Skating Championships
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
President of the Russian Olympic Committee

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Dear friends!

  I cordially welcome you to Moscow to the ISU World Figure Skating Championships.
  The capital of Russia only earned the right to host the World Championships a month ago. Tragic events in Japan with which millions of Russian commiserated with, had a pronounced impact on the schedule of the International Skating Union competition calendar.
  Figure skating enjoys tremendous popularity in our country. Our skaters have written a lot bright pages in the annals of this sports discipline.
  In record time, the Government of Moscow and the Championships' Organizing Committee had down everything necessary to ensure that the competition, featuring the world leading skaters from more than 40 countries, is help on the highest organizational level.
  I wish all the participants of the Championships successful performances at «Megasport» sports palace, and numerous spectators - unforgettable impressions from the festival of artistry and beauty, which figure skating always is.

Sergey Sobyanin
Mayor of Moscow

Dear friends!

  This Championships is bound to be historic. Never before had a tournament of such stature been relocated to another country merely a month prior to the event. And only once in the entire history had a World Figure Skating Championships been cancelled: it happened exactly 50 years ago, in 1961, as a sign of mourning for the US figure skating team, who died in an airplane crash on the way to the Championships.
  Under the current circumstances Russia decided to offer a helping hand and assist our Japanese colleagues and friends. I believe that we will succeed.
  I welcome the whole friendly International Skating Union family to Moscow. Our meeting is unexpected, but it is truly cordial. We will do our best to ensure that here, in the capital of Russia, you will feel comfortable and safe.
  Over many years the Russian figure skating school has been the leading power on the international scene. After several hard seasons, changes of generation and search for an optimal line up, we have started to get back to the top group. At this moment we are involved in systematic preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. We hope that the upcoming edition of the World Championships will prove that we are on the right track.
  At this Championships we are looking forward to both confident performances by renowned skaters and appearance of new stars. I wish all the participants good luck and the spectators interesting and engaging show.

Alexander Gorshkov
President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation
Olympic Champion, six-time World Champion in ice dance